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Wake the Dead $10.00
Wake the Dead

EQUINOX's first CD, Wake the Dead, showcases eight traditional tunes and songs. The variety of instrumentation – pipes, fiddle, flute, whistles, guitars, mandolin, and percussion, paired with sweet and energetic vocals, pay homage to this music from centuries past. The band's fondest wish is that you would play this music long and loud enough to "wake the dead".


Lothian Sky $10.00
Lothian Sky

Music Honoring the Celtic Tradition – this second CD offering from  EQUINOX presents 12 songs and tunes from traditional music and three modern-day composers.  The lure of the pipes, the sweet call of flute and fiddle, beckoning voices, and the pulse of drums and guitar all weave together melodies and harmonies ancient as earth’s hills yet as fresh as the wind that blows across them. Let this innovative breath of air entice you into the realm of Lothian Sky


Summer Solstice $10.00
Summer Solstice

On the eve of the summer solstice, the EQUINOX family of friends and fans gathered to welcome the coming of the longest day of the year with an evening of Celtic-seasoned music amid the beauty of the State Theater in Bay City, Michigan. Magic happened -- and it's recorded here for you! The energy, enthusiasm and fun experienced by the concert audience are presented here in this third CD offering by EQUINOX. Enjoy!


Autumnal $15.00

Autumn - season of color, season of change, season of gathering in. We've gathered a collection of tunes and songs that celebrate all of the hues of fall. Feel the crisp cool air, watch the slow spiral dance of falling leaves, smell the tang of smoky wood fires, and taste the crisp sweetest of the ripened apples as fall settles in for its brief but exquisite reign over our hemisphere. Season of harvest, season of completion, season of EQUINOX, Autumnal Equinox.  


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If you are looking for a fresh take on traditional Celtic sounds, this is your group. If you can't experience EQUINOX  live, by all means grab one or more of their CD's!

Joy Butler | Bay Arts Council director